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What Is Let’s Go Brandon?

Feb 25, 2024 | Let's Go Brandon

What Is Let’s Go Brandon?

A Detailed Explanation:

If you have been following politics in the United States over the past two years, you have undoubtedly come across the phrase, “Let’s go Brandon!” Whether you have seen someone wearing a hat or shirt with this phrase, you might have found yourself wondering, “What is let’s go Brandon!”

The reality is that the phrase, “Let’s go Brandon!” actually has nothing to do with supporting an individual named Brandon. Rather, it is a euphemism that’s currently used by many people, especially in conservative circles in place of saying the more vulgar, “F*** Joe Biden.”

Origins of Let’s Go Brandon:

To have a better understanding of “What is let’s go Brandon!”, it is first important to discuss the origins of this hilarious phrase. It traces its origin back to October 2, 2021 when Brandon Brown, a NASCAR driver won his first race and was being interviewed by a reporter.

During that interview, some people in the crowd could be heard chanting, “F*** Joe Biden.” However, the reporter claimed that the crowd was actually chanting, “Let’s go Brandon.” It is still unclear whether the reporter simply misheard what the crowd was saying or she purposely tried to change the message.

Spread Like A Wildfire On Steroids!

Congressman Jeff Duncan Lets Go Brandon Bumper Stickers

Whatever the case might be, the phrase “Let’s go Brandon!” spread like wildfire especially among conservatives and is still used today in place of the direct expletive toward Joe Biden, even among elected members of Congress. The above image is Congressman Jeff Duncan who took Let’s Go Brandon into Congress his own way.

Interestingly, it has even found a life outside Congress and more mainstream political circles. The phrase has been the source of inspiration for numerous songs. Even a pilot used it when signing off from a flight, which is testament to its widespread use and popularity.

The phrase has also been used to sell merchandise. In fact, some gun dealers have started using the phrase “Let’s go Brandon” to market weapon parts. Retailers such as My Southern Tactical and Culper Precision are selling AR-15 magazines with the phrase printed on them.

Why Such A Very Popular Phrase?

why is Let's Go Brandon so popular -Let's Go Brandon Bumper Stickers

It is believed that the phrase has grown so much in terms of popularity since it can be easily shared and used in public in ways that the expletive “F*** Joe Biden” cannot. Furthermore, which search engines are likely to ban the explicit phrase, the meme version simply cannot be banned.

Let’s go Brandon is a phrase that we will likely hear a lot during this campaign season. Finally, there’s something that the elites can neither censure nor regulate, which is in the form of a simple phrase that has a far much greater meaning.

Personal Use Of Let’s Go Brandon:

If you are a patriot who isn’t ashamed to proclaim your support for Trump and all that he represents, you should seriously consider using the phrase “Let’s go Brandon” in your own life. Fortunately, we have made it incredibly easy to do this.

We are currently selling the official “Let’s go Brandon” bumper stickers for the 2024 election season. It is never too early to start showing where your support lies, which is with the greatest president of our generation, Donald J. Trump.

Buy your official bumper sticker from us and let the world know that you are 100% behind the president that’s fully focused on making America Great Again. The president that believes in the sanctity of life. The president that believes in securing our borders. That president is Donald J. Trump.

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Now that you know the answer to the question, “ what is let’s go brandon?”, it is up to you to play your part in educating other patriots who might not fully understand what the phrase means its significance and one of the most effective ways to do this is by purchasing an official “Let’s go, Brandon” bumper sticker from us.

We are very big Trump supporters and are sure that you are too. We are supporting Trump’s 2024 campaign with every sale that we make. So, if you buy your “Let’s go Brandon” bumper sticker from us, you won’t just be helping spread the word, you will also be contributing to a cause you believe in.

If we all play our part in ensuring Trump’s victory this November, we can finally look forward to the day when America is great once again. For now, all that we can say to the current administration and all its shortcomings is.

Let’s go, Brandon!


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