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President Donald J. Trump ’24

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Trump ’24 Campaign:

Career politicians are not only ruining our economy and sabotaging the incredible potential of this great nation but also jeopardizing the American Way of Life. Donald J. Trump is the only one that can return power where it belongs, in the hands of the American people.

Donald J. Trump will help our country achieve a great future of peace, security and prosperity. He will help create the world’s greatest economy, defend our borders, restore our energy independence and restore America as the leading voice on the world stage.

Supporting Trump and his America First campaign is one of the ways you and other like-minded patriots can usher in a new era of freedom, family, faith, and economic prosperity. Trump will help save jobs, save lives, and save America at large.

Trump ’24 Campaign Highlights

The Trump ’24 campaign is focused on MAGA, which stands for Making America Great Again. Using lessons learned from the 2020 campaign, here are 5 areas that Trump is expected to focus on in the 2024 campaign as he seeks victory in the general election:

I. Immigration/Borders

Immigration was at the heart of Trump’s 2016 and 2020 election campaigns and will likely feature prominently in his 2024 reelection bid. President Trump regularly challenges Biden on immigration matters and doing very little to secure our borders.

Trump has promised to finish building the border wall proposed during his first term, expand the travel ban implemented during his first term, deploy the military to eliminate cartels, push for convicted drug dealers to get the death penalty, and impose ideological screenings.

II. Inflation

Biden will inevitably make the case that the U.S. economy is in much better shape than Trump left it, but Trump will likely focus on inflation, which is affecting many Americans negatively. Specifically, Trump will argue that Americans are facing financial struggles and a change in leadership is necessary.

If Trump wins a second term, his economic agenda will likely center around making permanent the tax cuts that his administration implemented back in 2017, rolling back regulations implemented by the Biden administration and reimplementing the tariffs he utilized in his Trump’s first term.

III. Energy

Trump will be looking to increase drilling in the U.S. to increase the country’s energy dominance. He will point to his approval of the Keystone XL pipeline, which was stopped by the Biden administration. Trump will also make the case for rolling back environmental regulations to achieve this.

Trump is against the “Green New Deal,” which hasn’t been passed into law, but shows his dislike for climate-focused policy. Trump also frequently bashes the shift toward electric vehicles, which is something that the Biden administration is focused on incentivizing.

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IV. Foreign Policy

Now that war is raging in Ukraine while Israel and Hamas are fighting in the Middle East, President Trump will be advocating his “America First” approach to foreign policy. He has consistently expressed skepticism about the continued U.S. support for the war in Ukraine.

Trump has consistently claimed that he would bring an end to the Russia-Ukraine war quickly. While his detractors claim it’s impossible, we are confident in Trump’s ability to do exactly that. On Israel, Trump has suggested that the Israel-Hamas war would simply need to play out.

V. Free Speech

Donald Trump is fully committed to destroying the left-wing censorship regime. He has regularly stated that if there’s no longer free speech in the country, it is no longer a free country. Trump has stated that the only way we can reclaim our democracy is by restoring free speech.

Trump is committed to ending the systemic censorship of the American people. To ensure this happens, he will fire any federal bureaucrats that censor lawful speed, pass a digital bill of rights, and ban federal agencies from censoring speech.

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