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Meaning of Let’s Go Brandon

Feb 25, 2024 | Let's Go Brandon

What Does Let’s Go Brandon Mean?

What Is The Meaning Of Let’s Go Brandon?

Campaign slogans in the United States have a long history ranging from the worst like “Black Power” to the very best intended like the one we love the most: “Make America Great Again.” However, if you have been following recent political discourse, you will have inevitably heard the phrase, “Let’s go, Brandon!”

The Meaning of Let’s go Brandon: The phrase “Let’s go, Brandon” has become popular among patriots that are frustrated with the status quo. The left-leaning media outlets have branded it a “right-wing slur”, which couldn’t be further from the truth. The following is a deep-dive into the origins of the phrase, its evolution, and what it means.

Origins of Let’s Go Brandon:

NBC news reporter Kelli Stavast with Brandon Lets Go Brandon Bumper Stickers

It’s first important to discuss the origin before discussing the meaning of let’s go Brandon. The phrase was popularized during the post-race interview with Brandon Brown who had won the NASCAR Xfinity Series race on October 2, 2021.

Fans could be clearly heard chanting the phrase “F*** Joe Biden” throughout Brandon’s interview with NBC. However, NBC reporter Kelli Stavast stated that the crowd was actually shouting, “Let’s go, Brandon!” evidently attempting to cover for the president.

The phrase “Let’s go, Brandon” and the hashtag #LetsGoBrandon quickly gained popularity especially among conservatives when criticizing the head of state. The phrase also features prominently on anti-Biden merchandise, which includes T-shirts, bumper stickers, and even hats.

Usage Of The Slogan

“Let’s go, Brandon” has evolved into a euphemism for the actual chant and is currently used to mock those on the left and the mainstream media for their shady tactics. It is simply using humor to communicate the truth, which is that change is necessary for this country to move forward.

Brandon Brown is a successful NASCAR driver, but the vast majority of those that use the phrase likely don’t know him. The reason is that the phrase has actually nothing to do with the driver, but has everything to do with the Left, President Biden, and mainstream media.

In a sense, the phrase is a culmination of years of diminished credibility of the media and people’s distrust of the same. In particular, left-leaning media outlets have used conservatives as punching bags while not doing the same for Democrats.

When the NBC interviewer first used the phrase, it encapsulated exactly how many patriots really feel about the current media landscape. When the crowd was openly disparaging the president, the broadcaster was busy lying to viewers. Today, everyone that hears the phrase understands its context.

Rogue Mainstream Media

fake news lets go brandon bumperstickers

“Let’s go, Brandon” is a response to what the mainstream media have done to this great nation, which is increasing the divide between Americans and making people afraid to speak up by criticizing and labeling them for simply expressing their beliefs.

The Left is known to find virtually everything offensive, but the phrase is far from it. It is actually the exact opposite. It not only transcends party politics but also gets to the heart of the most chronic problems this country is facing. Problems such as government overreach.

Let’s go, Brandon is used with the intention of being somewhat humorous because of its euphemistic nature, but it’s still usually intended to convey the explicit meaning of the phrase that it represents, which is “F*** Joe Biden.”

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